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25 Years of So So Def... ART

The legendary Atlanta based label celebrates 25 years of groundbreaking music and culture influences. We are extremely excited as this means more DOPE (and NEW) art from #lifeasasocialite client and Creator of the iconic So So Def Afroman logo, Skip Smith. For the quarter century mark, Skip gave us an official reworking of the logo in a nostalgic form. He blends a full bodied Afroman, donned in a tee, jeans and a pair of Bathing Ape, Bape Sta with Andy Warhol's infamous Shot Marilyns' 4 image style with similar color variations. The version below is from his personally curated blog, FEELFREEARTZ.BLOGSPOT.COM, a definite #socialiteapproved blog site(If you haven't already click that link above ;-] ). Followers of his work will remember the full bodied Afroman was featured on the Great Adventures of the So So Def Afroman cartoon on JD's social networking site, and also on the limited edition doll. He also gave a new logo in a 25th Anniversary banner form that he created in collaboration with another ATL art legend Sebizzi. The full bodied Afroman is also featured on the official So So Def 25 Tour lineup. Reliable sources tell us that Skip is cooking up some dope things for this milestone in his career as well (crosses fingers and prays for an art show). We'll definitely keep everyone posted as we get more details!


Socialites Weekly v.2

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