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Tour Description

Mario Super Tours PR: East Puerto Rico Adventure

Prepare for an unforgettable experience of East Puerto Rico with Mario Super Tours PR, where our 4-hour tour unveils the beauty of El Yunque Rainforest while tantalizing your taste buds with traditional Puerto Rican bites.


Tour Highlights:

🌿 El Yunque Rainforest Exploration: Immerse yourself in the panoramic views of El Yunque, the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. National Forest System, including a natural waterfall experience, cascading waterfalls and rich biodiversity. 


🍽️Traditional Culinary Experience: Indulge in authentic Puerto Rican flavors for a local tasting experience that captivates the senses.


🚐Ultra Comfort Large Group Accommodation: Enjoy a comfortable ride in our vans, accommodating up to 7 guests per van, ensuring an intimate and personalized tour experience. With a maximum of 28 guests per trip.


📍 Convenient Pickup: We offer hassle-free pickup services from your location, making your adventure seamless from the start.


⏰ Flexible Tour Duration: While typically a 4-hour tour, we ask that you please plan for 6 hours due to traffic or other conditions beyond our control.


🎥 Capture Your Experience: Elevate your memories by opting for a drone video of your adventure! Inform us during checkout to add this must have feature.


What to Bring
Small Bag: Preferably water resistant
Extra Clothes: A change of attire for added comfort during the tour.
100% Cotton Socks: Essential to prevent slipping; non-slip cotton socks are REQUIRED.
Sunscreen & Bug Spray

Waterproof Phone Pouch


At Mario Super Tours PR, we prioritize your comfort and safety, ensuring an immersive experience blending nature, culture, and convenience. Come along for an experience that offers a mix of natural wonders and cultural delights!

Book your spot now and let us guide you through East Puerto Rico's wonders, creating unforgettable memories at every turn!

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